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Buying Property in Dubai

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Buying Property in Dubai

January 11, 2023

Dubai properties are sold as freehold and you will be both the owner of the building and the land. This ownership is permanent and after the death of the owner, the property will be inherited by the heirs.

1. If the value of the property is between 750,000 AED and 2,000,000 AED, you will receive a two-year lifetime residency for all family members (unmarried girls and boys up to 18 years of age) and as long as you do not sell the property, your residency will be for life.
To receive residence, the entire amount of the property must be settled and the property must be ready for delivery.

2. If the value of the property is more than 2,000,000 AED, even if the property is under construction, you will receive lifetime golden residence for all family members (unmarried boys and girls), and as long as you do not sell the property, your residence will last forever.
At least 2,000,000 AED should be paid and at least 50% of the construction stages of the property should be completed.



Oqood is a preliminary document that you receive from the Dubai Lands and Real Estate Department after paying the first installment and 4% of the document registration fee, and you are recognized as the owner of the land and building.


Title Deed

The Title Deed is the original and final document of the purchased property, which will be received after the end of the installments and the
completion of the construction of the property. You will need a title deed or contract to apply for a Dubai real estate residence.

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